Data Analytics

At Lancolatech we examine your company’s operating environment, domain-specifics, performance, data sources, obstacles, and objectives. Our team of talented engineers and business analysts strategizes to offer you the solutions that solve your problems and propel your company to new heights.

We combine data into representations that are optimized for processing and storage. Standardization, handling missing numbers, filtering outliers, and other processes, such as those particular to textual or visual information, are all included in preparation.

We gather business data and convert it into a format that can be processed by the available smart solutions.

Data science technologies and cloud computing services like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are used.

Using tools (databases, containerization, web frameworks, etc.) relevant for the use case, we are prepared to build a customized system based on Python Scientific and ML Stack and integrate it into the client’s business infrastructure if the latter wants an on-premise solution.